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  Measurement and mapping
Specificities and themes

CERFE has always tried to make a contribution to demonstrate and facilitate the measurability of social phenomena, both in absolute terms and in comparative terms, also with a view to enabling greater use of sociological knowledge for establishing and implementing social policies.

CERFE has thus contributed to devising, experimenting and also using, on a large scale, measures concerning such things as poverty, social exclusion, social capital, child vulnerability, food insecurity, the quality of public and collective services, and technological innovation.

In some cases, the measurement of phenomena was accompanied by their mapping when they concerned a given territory. Mapping facilitates comparisons between the various minimal territorial units or their aggregates in order to understand which areas have the greatest/lowest concentrations of the phenomena considered and thus which ones are “emerging” areas (e.g., as regards health policies, it is important to know how the health risk factor is distributed in a given territory) or which phenomena are more crucial in a certain region (e.g., the problem of communication in a certain area could be more serious than that of unemployment, of health service access and so on).

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