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Cerfe - Associazione di ricerca e formazione in Roma
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CERFE has set up networks in order to carry out its many projects. For example, within a project conducted in cooperation with UN-Habitat in 1994, CERFE created two networks of architects and urban planners, in Angola and Mozambique, who had benefited either directly or indirectly from the contribution made by the Italian Directorate General for cooperation for development to the Faculties of Architecture of Luanda and Maputo.

Besides these specific cases, CERFE has set up two networks that have accompanied its operations for several years.

The International Forum of Researchers on Human Settlements (FRHS)

In the wake of the City-summit of Istanbul “Habitat II”, CERFE along with UNCHS-Habitat (now known as UN-Habitat) promoted an International Forum of Researchers on Human Settlements in 1997, and has since then been responsible for its Secretariat.

The Network “Services for the Urban Poor (SUP)” of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council

CERFE has assisted this network since it was set up in 1994, on the initiative of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) and of CERFE itself, on the basis of the work carried out by the Working Group on Urbanisation of the WSSCC itself (coordinated by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate General for Cooperation to Development, and with the technical and scientific assistance of CERFE).
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