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FRHS E-Conference Conclusion

From: A. Olmi, Listowner
Category: Category 1
Date: 10/10/00
Time: 4:27:41 PM
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Dear colleagues,

We are calling a halt to our E-Conference. In the summer period the debate sometimes slow down but we must consider that in the first phase it went on for two months more than was foreseen.

On the whole, we had 50 postings from 31 researchers of 17 countries (this means that some of us intervened more than once).

Perhaps, the use of the English language has somehow limited the participation and we are trying to find ways to overcome this limitation in the future. Suggestions at this regard are, as always, appreciate.

We consider this first experience positive, especially for the quality and interest of the contributions received.

As you have read, the moderator, Luciano d’Andrea has attempted a synthesis of the contributions received within July that has also been included in the FRHS newsletter Linking N.24. We propose to present also some of the more relevant themes of discussion in Linking next issues in order to share our reflection also with those forum members that do not have access to the Internet (by the way, you do have access of Internet but we may not have your correct address or you may have changed it and not have informed us. Please update me on any change to ease my effort to reach you!).

We are now thinking on how to go along this line of communication, considering that it is a low-cost but highly effective mean of work together, without physically meet. This is also tied to a general reflection on the FRHS’s perspectives and its way to operate.

Perhaps, we should have more itemized discussion according with the different focus of interest of the FRHS. We are also considering the possibility to hold an open electronic forum. In any case our first target will be to provide inputs to the Istanbul +5 conference that is now approaching.

It is clear that, at this stage, your comments and evaluation are not only welcome but utterly necessary to orient our decision in a participatory way. For instance, from the contributors we would like to know: what made you willing to intervene? what would you have expected from your participation. From those who have just followed the debate without posting messages: what did you find of interest in the debate? And at what condition did you think you could give an active contribution?

On leaving you (for now), I would like to thank in a most hearty and personal way, all the participants, both as contributors and as readers of this E-conference. It has been a real pleasure to “own“ such a friendly list!

All the best.

Alessandra Olmi Listowner

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