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From: Elijah Agevi, Kenya
Category: Category 2
Date: 7/10/00
Time: 9:20:03 AM
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From - Mon Jul 10 08:44:26 2000 From: Elijah Agevi <> To: "''" <>, Subject: RE: FRHS E-CONFERENCE: 2nd PHASE Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2000 14:29:18 +0300

Hello Gabriele,

Many thanks for getting back to us with this great idea of E-Conference 2nd phase. I found your e-mail very informative on many aspects and especially on the Cities Alliance Programme. As you noted in your e-mail, Koffi Annah appears to be fully behind the initiative "I strongly support the Cities without Slums initiative and ask all Member States to endorse it and to act on it" (' 138). How wonderful would the world be without slums!

How can some of the groups that are actively engaged in informal settlements/ slums access of some the funds mentioned in your e-mail?

On a separate note I wish to raise the issue of follow-up to the recent Istanbul +5 Preparatory Conference in Nairobi. As I am sure you are aware that one of the outcomes from the meeting was the creation an International Facilitating Group. This group is supposed to among others, to enable effective involvement of civil societies in the review and appraisal of Istanbul +5 process. It was strongly felt at the meeting that there was urgent need to ensure that civil societies participate effectively and fully. It is against this background that I think the proposed e-conference should be viewed. How can the outcomes from this conference be fed into bigger civil societies scenario? How can we add value and build synergy with the rest of the stakeholders within the civil society sector ?

Once again many thanks for this worthwhile initiative and looking forward continued collaboration and feedback from you soon.

Ps: Pass my kind regards to Alessandra, I enjoyed working a long side her during the Nairobi meeting.

Warm regards,

Elijah Agevi

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