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A deduction of the contribution of Mr.Chanan contribution

From: Marika Jacquemart-Bouaoudia, Switzerland
Category: Category 2
Date: 15 May 2000
Time: 10:47:54
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From: "marika jacquemart-bouaoudia" <> To: Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 23:32:29 CEST

Subject: A deduction of the contribution of Mr. Chanan contribution

I read with great interest the FRHS-contributions in general, but particularly the one presented by Mr Chanan. His contribution gave me the idea to develop a charter for Istanbul +5.

A charter with clear directives for establishing, organizing, maintaining and ruling human settlements. A kind of standards which would be very useful and helpful for decision makers, politicians, urban planners, architects, etc.

In my opinion future urban planning needs the clearest possible rules, considering that urbanism is not an exact science. It appears to me absolutely necessary to develop international standards in urbanism, on which the actors could rely at any time.

The community of the researcher on Habitat Agenda could bring to Istanbul+5 a charter, which should be presented for adoption by the conference.

Marika Jacquemart-Bouaoudia

Architect Urbanist, Geneva

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