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First list of contributions

From: A.Olmi, Listowner
Category: Category 1
Date: 30 Mar 2000
Time: 16:17:34
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Dear colleagues,

the FRHS E-conference debate is continuing with new interesting contributions (papers, interventions, comments, messages). As you know, you can find the background paper (or discussion paper) and all the contributions at the FRHS E-conference website ( I send you, here below, the list of contributions received up till now:

Discussion paper on 'The Role of Research in the Context of Habitat Agenda", by Giancarlo Quaranta and Luciano d'Andrea, Italy

"Prise en compte des acteurs de la production urbaine", by Michel Guery, Iyory Coast

"RE-Acteurs de la production urbaine", by Emile Tanawa, Cameroon

"Urban Governance. Informal Sector & Municipal Solid Waste", by Laila Iskandar Kamel, Egypt

"Monitoring the Habitat Agenda and Use of Indicators", by Han Van Putten, The Netherlands

" actrices?",by Claudy Vouhe, United Kingdom

"Re-Claudy Vouhe", by M.Guery

"First Summary of debate", by Alessandra Olmi, Listowner

"Contribution to E-conference" by David C.Thorns, New Zealand

"Urban sustainibiulity. the basis for a renewed urban planning and management project?", by H.C. Perkins and D.C. Thorns

"Contribution to E-conference", by Milica Bajic Brkovic, Yugoslavia

" Problemes ethiques: pourquoi et comment restituer la recherche aux populations concernees?", by M. Guery

"Debats des chercheurs. Reflexions", by Bernard Drobenko, France

"Comments" by Sandra Hernandez-Colon, USA

""More research on gender issues", by Ann Schlyter, Sweden

"Comments by the moderator", by Luciano d'Andrea, Moderator

"E-Conference comments", by Brian C. Aldrich,USA

"Comments on ongoing debate", by Ravinder S.Sandhu, India

"Pressing problems of local government as they are seen by different towns and regions in Russia, B.Grinchel and N.Kostyleva, Russia

- E-Conference Programme, by A. Olmi, Listowner - Guidelines for participation, by A. Olmi, Listowner - Call for participation, by G. Quinti, Acting Coordinator of FRHS

I remind you that, in order to facilitate the broader exchange possible, all participants who are posting messages in a language other than english, should kindly add an english summary to it.

I look forward new substantive contributions, interventions and any input you wish to provide.

Best wishes,

Alessandra Olmi, Listowner

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