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More research on gender issues

From: Ann Schlyter, Sweden
Category: Category 2
Date: 23 Mar 2000
Time: 12:36:13
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Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 11:03:06 +0100


From: "Ann.Schlyter" <>

Subject: FRHS-Conference


Dear Alessandra,

Is it OK to use this conference to make inquires for information? The fact that I need to do so is also a sign of the need for more research on gender issues.

It has been argued in this conference that an understanding of the actors within the habitat sphere, and specially within the civil society have to be based on an analysis which takes class, age, and gender into consideration. I have looked for but found only a few recent analyses of housing issues with a gender perspective. They are too few to be able to identify trends. In trying to make an overview of new insights and experiences since Istanbul, I search for results of research and studies, but also for short information about experiences, good or bad, of efforts to apply a gender perspective in habitat projects, programmes or policies.

Are there projects and policies specifically aiming at enhancing women's access and control over their housing and environment situation? What are the experiences of mainstreaming?

Ann Schlyter The Nordic Africa Institute P.O.Box 1703 Kungsgatan 38 S-751 47 Uppsala, Sweden

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