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Programme & Guidelines

From: Alessandra Olmi
Category: Category 1
Date: 01 Mar 2000
Time: 11:57:21
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Dear colleagues,

as you know, the FRHS Electronic Conference on the Role of Research for the Implementation, the Improvement and the Reviewing of the Habitat Agenda starts today with the General Discussion on the background paper I have already sent you last week, prepared by Giancarlo Quaranta and Luciano d'Andrea (respectively President and Scientific Director of CERFE, both members of the Forum).

I remind you that the FRHS E-Conference is scheduled to take place for the next 7 weeks and is moderated by Gabriele Quinti, Acting co-ordinator of the FRHS, and Luciano d'Andrea.

I send you here below the E-Conference Programme together with the "Guidelines for participants".

If you have not yet received the background paper, please send a message to the listowner (<>). The paper is also available at the FRHS E-Conference website at

Take care that we need a reply immediately from those who didn't subscribe yet. So, if you don't wish to participate or receive any posting during the next two months, please reply at the listowner asking to be removed to the list.

We look forward your substantive contributions, interventions and any inputs you wish to provide.

Best wishes,

Alessandra Olmi FRHS E-Conference List owner mailto: <>

================================================ FORUM OF RESEARCHERS ON HUMAN SETTLEMENTS Electronic Conference on The Role of Research for the Implementation, the Improvement, the Reviewing of the Habitat Agenda ================================================


18 - 29 February (one week) - Opening: Back-ground paper on "The role of research in the framework of Habitat Agenda" - Finalizing agenda of the E-conference

1 -14 March (two weeks) - General discussion on the background paper - Submission of contributions and papers by participants - Summary of the half-conference by listowner

15 March - 5 April (three weeks) - Comments by moderators - Submission of contributions and papers by participants - Discussion of specific topics on the basis of the previous discussion - Summary of discussion by listowner

6 - 18 April (two weeks) - Conclusive remarks and proposals for the conclusion and recommendation by moderators - Discussion on conclusion proposal - Conclusions and recommendations by moderator

******************************** Guidelines for the FRHS E-Conference ********************************


These guidelines are provided to facilitate and smoothen the progress of the conference. They are not to be understood as a set of rules to be strictly enforced, but as simple criteria to achieve a common standard of communication. Please keep in mind that when you send a message to a list it will be read by very different people using a variety of computers. We trust everybody to follow that "netiquette" that is now familiar to all net-users.


Our conference will be moderated, that is all messages will reach the participants only after being "filtered" by the conference moderator. This is meant to ensure that the list will not be used for any other purpose than the conference itself, to avoid information overload and to get rid of "spam". The moderator will also restrict circulation of messages that are clearly outside the scope of the conference.


If you wish to make a contribution to the discussion, please forward your message to:


If you are not a list member and wish to join the conference, you can send a message to the listowner at: If you are not a list member you can always post a message: it will be forwarded to the listowner, who will eventually contact you about joining the list.


You can leave the list at any time; just send a message to the listowner. Should you have any problem, please contact the listowner at:


As a general rule, we pray you to be focused in your submissions and to keep your remarks within the scope of the ongoing phase of the discussion. In order to help the moderator to sum up the contributions to the different phases, please state clearly the topic you are dealing with in the subject line of your e-mail. Please list also the number of message you have contributed to that date. e.g.:

To: Participants of the FRHS E-conference From: Donald Duck Subject: The role of citizen organizations in slum up-grading policies in Duckburg


Upon sending your first contribution, please include a short introduction about you, your affiliation, your professional or academic standing, your works and interests and the like.


We also ask that you do not post more than three messages per day and that you keep them within no more than three page of length. Please keep your messages short and on topic and use a self explanatory subject line: it will enhance it being read. If you are replying to a specific message, please quote only the subject line or a few sentences, rather than quoting the whole message. You can send two kinds of contribution: messages and papers, comments and remarks. The papers must be kept within non more than 15 pages. It is advisable not to send the paper as attachment to a regular message (see below), but to send it directly to the listowner at:


Since e-mail programs and word-processors software used by list members are very diverse, it is advisable not to send attachments that could not be read by many of the receivers. Also bear in mind that for many list members access to email services can be expensive and can take too much time.

If you have a longer paper that you feel can be relevant to the discussion, you may wish to send an abstract of the standard length with you main conclusions and send the full text to the listowner who can store it in the website for the conference and/or post it to any participant making a specific request.


All messages and contributions submitted to the conference will be stored in a dedicated website that can be accessed at


During and after the conference the organizers will be summarizing the contents of the discussion, while all submissions will be stored and made accessible in the conference website. This means that some of your postings will appear (in whole, in part or summarized) in a report and/or in a pubblication of some kind. In all probability these will be summarized in a way that you will be listed as a participant to the discussion, but you may or may not have your remarks specifically credited to you. However, this is a public discussion, so please do not post anything that is confidential, proprietary, restricted, or which might be embarassing to some persons or organizations.

FRHS E-CONFERENCE: If you wish to send a message mailto: <> If you wish to contact the FRHS Listowner mailto: <> E-conference archive at:

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