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CERFE has been involved in research and standard practices in the training field for about twenty years. This activity is characterised, in general, by a strong link between scientific analysis and didactics, not only because designing training activities requires research, but also because training itself is a tool of scientific knowledge on contemporary society. In this regard, a mainly sociological approach is adopted (that is strongly geared to multidisciplinary integration), careful of the social dynamics, both cognitive and operational ones, of the target actors.

CERFE’s approach to training is also marked by a continuous comparison with the actors’ “stakes”, often linked to the dynamics of social exclusion and inclusion; by the identification of a new centrality of the individual in post-modern society (connected to specific risks and opportunities); by the recognition of a tendency for convergence between the various kinds of training; and by the integration of the analysis of training needs, didactic designing and training practices, as a basic element of the quality of training.

Each one of CERFE’s training projects is based on principles of adult education and envisages a specific arrangement of strategies, training processes and themes in order to produce various types of impacts on participants, such as the increase in knowledge on the reality, the development of certain skills, a change of professional life, an increase in the sense of responsibility, and the opening up of new professional spaces and opportunities.

The activities carried out by CERFE in these years have involved a broad typology of beneficiaries whose demands for training emerge in the dramatic and complex dynamics of the relationship between social inclusion and exclusion which concerns them either as individuals directly affected by the risks linked to these dynamics or as personnel called upon to act on it through policymaking and direct actions.

The projects implemented by CERFE have focused on a vast range of crucial themes such as distance education, the quality of training, business creation, the relationship between gender and employment, women’s leadership, family services, the integration of highly skilled immigrants, the professional qualification of Italians abroad, civic participation, the quality of public services, social research, internships, local development, knowledge management, conflict resolution, foreign trade, education for development, international cooperation, civil protection, human rights, the fight against racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism, and fund-raising.

Moreover, in these years CERFE has come to terms with the views and needs of a broad range of clients – public, private, non-profit and international ones – particularly involved in the social and economic changes underway, and thus deeply concerned with managing the impacts of these changes on human resource support policies.

CERFE’s research and training activities have been carried out in Italy and abroad. This has, amongst other things, guaranteed that the results of these activities be processed within a transnational perspective of an exchange of ideas and experiences.

Certain projects

  • Integrated Path on the use of internship for job placement and re-placement of subjects prone to risk of social exclusion (2004–05, Latium Region)

  • Action-Research on recovery of skills and competences of immigrants (2004–05, Latium Region)
    Web-site of the project
    Final Research Report

  • Assessment Model of training initiatives in the perspective of lifelong learning (2004–05; with a financement of: Latium Region)

  • Action-research “Regional Forum on enterprises promoted by immigrants (2003–04 , Latium Region)
    Final Research Report

  • Experimental Research on distance learning (2003–04, Latium Region)

  • Action-research on enterprise creation and preparation of a handbook (2003–04, Latium Region)

  • Training programme on the management of a databank on economic and occupational opportunities for Italo-Australians (2001, Italian Ministry of Labour)

  • Course for women leader of organizations for conflict resolution and consensus building (2001, European Commission– DG Development)

  • Seminar–Workshop on “ Improving Finance, Management and Performance of Acute-care, Public Ho¬spitals: Lessons learned from the European Experience ” (1999; partner: BID–Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo)

  • Course on creation businesses among qualified immigrants (1998–99, European Commission – European Social Fund, Italian Ministry of Labour)

  • Course for immigrants from non-European countries resident in Sardinia (1997–99, Italian Ministry of Labour, European Union –European Social Fund)

  • Research and training on the Participatory Quality Analysis APQ in health care services of Uruguay (1997, Free University of Brussels - European Commission - Directorate General I/B "Foreign relations with countries of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Near East, Latin America, southern Asia and Southeast Asia")

  • Training course for statisticians and sociologists on "Measurement and indicators for complex phenomena and processes" - University of Concepciòn (Chile) (1997, Free University of Brussels - European Commission - Directorate General I/B "Foreign relations with countries of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Near East, Latin America, southern Asia and Southeast Asia" - PRESTA Programme (programme of research - teaching in applied statistics)

  • Training programme on the collection and utilisation of social information in managing environmental risks in Bulgaria (1996–97, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

  • Research and development of a training model on fund raising activities of non-profit organisations (1996–98, European Commission – DG XXII Education, Training and Youth –"Leonardo" Programme)

  • Fund raising and non-profit organisations. Training to promote new entrepreneurship in the non-profit sector (1996, Società per l'Imprenditorialità Giovanile —European Union –European Social Fund)

  • Theory and methods of fund raising (1995, STESAM/Apulia Region, European Union – European Social Fund)

  • Course in foreign trade (1995, STESAM/ Apulia Regione – European Union)

  • Course for development workers for training of analysts, planners and consultants in innovation (1994, STESAM, Italian Ministry of Labour, European Union – European Social Fund)

  • Course for preparing to Public Administration Career (1994, STESAM, Italian Ministry of Labour, European Union – European Social Fund)

  • Management course for co-operation development health projects (1994, STESAM, Italian Ministry of Labour, European Union – European Social Fund)

  • Training for Albanian citizens in Apulia (1994, STESAM, European Union – Programma Horizon Programme)

  • Course in international co-operation (1993–94, STESAM/ Apulia Region)

  • Course in foreign trade (1993, STESAM, Istituto per il Commercio Estero)

  • Course for development workers – Two bi-annual courses from 1987 till 1992, STESAM/Apulia Region, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, FORMEZ)


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