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Titolo : Evaluation

Specificities and themes

CERFE has been making evaluations of various kinds since 1983. These concern individual actions, sets of projects and programmes, individual policies and sets of policies.
The reference spheres are rather varied and range from vocational training activities within the European Social Fund to the Fondo de Apoio social in Angola; from Structural Fund Regional Action Plans to NGO actions in the countries of the Sahel region; and from operational activities of the United Nations system to the quality of services in the many public health units in Italy.

In its approach to evaluation, CERFE integrates “traditional” approaches and methodologies, such as cost-effectiveness analysis or social impact assessment, with innovative methods enabling an evaluation of, for example, the quality of the leading actors in programmes and policies, or the impact not only as regards the effects, but also with respect to the consensus generated.

More in general, in its evaluations CERFE pays great attention to social phenomena and dynamics as well as to the social aspects of “multidisciplinary” phenomena such as poverty. This is possible thanks to the use of an eminently (although not exclusively) sociological approach.

In evaluation, CERFE integrates quantitative and qualitative methods, and makes use of a great many sources (statistics; administrative documents; studies and research; consultation of key informants and experts; consultation of beneficiaries; direct observation; focus groups; etc.). The evaluations always involve multilateral and interactive coordinated consultation of all the points of view concerned and informed with respect to the programme, action or policy examined.

Besides making evaluations, CERFE has in many cases contributed to building evaluation systems and models, both for individual projects (such as for the Programa de Aseguranza Nutricional carried out by the FAO in Mozambique), and also for broader policies (such as the ones for combating poverty in the Marrakesh region of Morocco).

Some projects

  • Triennial Comprehensive Policy Review on operational activities of United Nations (200304; United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs);

  • Implementing of the evaluation and monitoring systems of the “Programa de Aseguranza Nutricional” in Mozambique (2004, FAO);

  • Evaluation and identification of quality standards of health care services in Italy (19992000; with a financement of: Italian Ministry of Health through Latium Region);

  • Evaluation of PON and of POR;

  • Study assessing health policies in Guinea (1996; with a financement of the European Commission);

  • Impact assessment of interventions of the Social Fund in Angola (1996, World Bank);

  • Evaluation of the Programme “Approvisionnement des petits centres urbains au Maroc” (1996, European Commission);

  • Evaluation of programmes and actions to combat social exclusion promoted by civil society organisations in Italy (199596, Presidency of the Council of Ministers);

  • Evaluation of the results of PRODERE in relation to the struggle against social exclusion (199394; with a financement of UNDP/UNOPS);

  • Study of international UNICEF and NGO co-operation development programs in Sahel countries (198384, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs);

  • Ex-ante evaluation of the PDR.


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