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Titolo : Quality

Through specific organisational conferences, CERFE periodically evaluates its own work in terms of relevance, effectiveness and impact, and also in terms of efficiency, when its annual balance sheets undergo approval. At the start of this decade CERFE adopted the ISO 9000 system and was certified under ISO-9001 in 2003 (the certification was confirmed in 2004).

Indirect, but valid, forms of evaluation have also come from the support and recognition of the scientific committees and of the International Committee of Advisors (see “The beginnings”), as well as from the medium- and long-term relations with some important international organisations well-known for their rigour which have commissioned CERFE projects.

From a scientific standpoint, CERFE’s quality and the added value deriving from its projects is demonstrated by the work presented in international conferences or published in scientific journals, by its research reports, journals, publications, visits to its website, and the number and importance of articles and other documents downloaded.

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